Admission Requirements

We require the following for high school and first year students applying to Winona State.

16 High School Preparation Requirements

  • 4 years of English
  • 3 years of mathematics  (2 years algebra; 1 year geometry)
  • 3 years of science  (1 year biological science; 1 year chemistry or physics; all should include labs)
  • 3 years of social studies  (including 1 year U.S. history)
  • 2 years of same world language  (American Sign Language accepted; no sampler/review courses)
  • 1 year of specified electives  (world cultures, computer science, arts, music)

ACT or SAT Score and Class Rank Requirements

A student who meets the above preparation requirements must also have:

  • Composite ACT of 21 or higher with top two-thirds of high school class rank or cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher
  • Composite ACT of 18, 19, or 20 with either top half of high school class rank or cumulative high school GPA of 3.0 or higher

Students typically apply before the end of 12th grade. Consider these statistics:  76% of last year's entering class graduated in the top half of their high school class; 34% were in the top quarter with an average ACT of 23. The top one-eighth of the freshman class averaged 26 or higher on the ACT.

We urge all students, especially those eligible for academic scholarships, to apply early

Admission to the University is the first step.  Some degree programs may have additional standards for entrance into the major after you are enrolled at WSU.  These include College of Business and College of Education degrees; and Nursing, Social Work, and Athletic Training majors.