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View our podcasts and learn more about various job search techniques and resources including: Student2Work, Warrior Jobs, creating a resume, annual career fairs, cover letter and/or portfolios!

STUDENT2WORK - Get That Campus Job!
Learn how to utilize our online job listing site to find an on or off-campus Internship, Work-Study or Student-Help job!

STUDENT2WORK - Staff & Faculty Supervisors
Utilize our online job listing site to hire a student for an Internship, Work-Study or Student-Help position your department may have to offer!

STUDENT2WORK - International Students
Find  an on or off-campus Student-Help job that fits your needs!

Make the Most of Career Fair
Be prepared for the Career Fair on the Winona State University campus!  Learn who is coming, what to bring, why you should attend, and what to research before you go.

Education Fair
Are you a future educator looking for that first position after college? Or have you decided to share your knowledge with the youth by changing your career to teaching or an education-based career?  Then learn all about the Minnesota Education Job Fair held annually in Minneapolis.  Learn how to prepare and to be at your best to land a job in education!

MNSU Job Fair
Are you looking for an exciting internship to prepare you for your career after college?  Are you nearing graduation and ready to find your first professional position?  This podcast will provide you with information about the Minnesota State Universities Job & Internship Fair held annually in Minneapolis.  Put yourself ahead of the competition by reviewing these tips on networking and how to best prepare for the big day!

Career Services & You!
Need help getting your resume together?  Confused about the job search process?  Or are you struggling with declaring your major?  This podcast will give you a quick overview of the great services and programs offered by Winona State University Career Services!