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WSU Campus and Part-time Jobs

Many students seek part-time employment during their time at WSU. Before you begin to search for jobs, it is important to understand the different types of employment on and off campus.

On-campus Jobs

There are two types of on-campus jobs: work-study and student help.

Work-study: Only available to students with "FWS or SWS Eligibility" listed as part of their Financial Aid Award. These positions are federally funded and given based on financial need.

Student Help: Available to ANY student on campus. These positions are funded through individual departments on campus.

Learn more about Student Employment.

Off-campus Jobs

There are many local employers seeking to hire WSU students for part-time employment. Often employers are looking for students to work weekend and evening hours.

How to Find On-campus and Off-campus Jobs

1.       Search Warrior Jobs

2.       Print WSU Offices Who Hire (PDF) and inquire with the office manager in these departments.

3.       Visit the following websites for more employment options: