Chemistry Transfer Students

Transferring to Winona State University from a community or technical college to major in a chemistry program can be seamless if you plan correctly. Below are some items to keep in mind while planning for your transfer to a WSU chemistry program:

  • To earn a degree in a chemistry program, you must take chemistry courses during each of all four years.
  • Finishing in two additional years is possible if majors’ chemistry courses have been completed before transferring.
  • Ideally, a transfer student will have two years’ worth of chemistry classes completed before transferring- one year of general chemistry and one year of organic chemistry.
  • It is possible to graduate in two years if only one year of general chemistry has been completed but the final two years will be more challenging.


Recommended courses prior to transfer to Winona State University:

  • Principles of Chemistry I & II (CHEM 212 and 213)
  • Principles of Organic Chemistry I & II (CHEM 350 and 351)
  • Calculus I and II (MATH 212 and 213)
  • University Physics I and II (PHYS 221 and 222)

The following table references the courses at some common two-year institutions that would be equivalent to the aforementioned courses for transfer to WSU’s Chemistry Program. Information about additional programs can be found at Many two-year institutions offer chemistry courses that are not equivalent to the majors’ courses required. 

Two-Year Institution  General Chemistry Courses
Equivalent to WSU's
CHEM 212 and CHEM 213
Organic Chemistry Courses
Equivalent to WSU's
CHEM 350 and CHEM 351
Calculus Courses
Equivalent to
MATH 212 and MATH 213
Physics Courses
Equivalent to
PHYS 221 and PHYS 222 

Inver Hills
Community College
 CHEM 1061 CHEM 1062   CHEM 2061  CHEM 2062 MATH 1133  MATH 1134  PHYS
Community College
CHEM 1061  CHEM 1062  CHEM 2061  CHEM 2062  MATH 1510  MATH 1520 PHYS
Community College
CHEM 1201 CHEM 1202 CHEM 2201 CHEM 2203  MATH 1210 MATH 1220  PHYS
Rochester Community
and Technical College
CHEM 1127 CHEM 1128 CHEM 2127 CHEM 2128 MATH 1127  MATH 1128  PHYS

If you have questions please contact the Department of Chemistry. You can also get more information about transferring to Winona State University from the Admissions Department. They have outlined the WSU Transfer Coursework Action Plan that you will find useful in transfer planning.