Hiring Processes

So you are ready to do some hiring. Now what? The Human Resources and Affirmative Action Offices want to ensure we help you bring the best possible candidates for the job.


Hiring Procedures

Searches are initiated with the Human Resources Office to review classification, position descriptions, organizational structure and contractual obligations.  Once those items have been assessed Human Resources will transition materials for a search to the Affirmative Action Office for posting and candidate evaluation steps. Affirmative Action will provide Human Resources with approved candidate materials so that Human Resources can work with the supervisor on the offering and onboarding steps.


Search Checklists

·         Classified Search Checklist

·         ASF/Administrative Search Checklist

·         IFO Search Checklist

Starting the Search

·         Request to Fill Form (Classified)

·         Authorization for to Conduct a Search Form (Unclassified)

·         Recruiting Plan Form (Unclassified)


Training the Search Committee

·         Confidentiality In the Search Process

·         Confidentiality Video

·         Confidentiality Agreement


Reviewing and Assessing Candidates

·         Viewing Applications online in NEOGOV (Unclassified)

·         IFO Prior Consideration Form

·         Application Rating Form

·         Screening Summary Report

·         Telephone Interview Rating Form

·         Campus Interview Rating Form

·         Selection for Campus Interview Form

·         Record of Reference Check

·         Prior Work Experience Form (Word Doc) (Faculty)

·         Search Committee Recommendation Form (Classified)

·         Search Committee Recommendation Form (Unclassified)



Hiring Procedures - Temporary Classified Positions


Classified Temporary Hiring Checklist


Classified Temporary Hiring Forms

·         Temporary PD-CSS (Word Doc) - Template for hiring a Temp Customer Service Specialist 

·         Temporary PD-GMW (Word Doc) - Template for hiring a Temp General Maintenance Worker 

·         Temporary PD-OAS (Word Doc) - Template for hiring a Temp Office & Admin Specialist 

·         Temporary Special Assignment Hires - Overview on hiring for assignments that are very short or the employee is from another state agency.  


Onboarding Procedures
You've found your new employee, now what? Refer here.


For the Supervisor...

New Hire Checklist for Supervisors (word)

New Hire Announcement Email Templates (word)


For the New Employee...

New Hire Checklist for Employees (pdf)

New Employee Resources page