E-Chug & E-Toke

E-Chug and E-Toke are intervention courses used for both alcohol and marijuana violations. The course is designed to reduce negative consequences and is presented in a motivational interviewing style.

Please read all instructions before enrolling and completing E-Chug or E-Toke.

Read the E-Chug or E-Toke Enrollment Instructions

Detailed instructions (PDF) for completing the programs are available for download.

Complete a Course

Alcohol: E-Chug

Marijuana: E-Toke

Important: Don't forget to save your User Identification Number (UID)!


Complete the verification of completion, including the personal reflection questions

If you fail to complete the verification, you will have to complete the course again.

Meet with Health Promotion to discuss your results

Call Health & Wellness Services at 507.457.5160 to make the appointment.

Please bring your printed results to your appointment. Failure to do so will result in rescheduling your appointment.


Pay the Course Fee of $63

This fee will be posted to your student account at the time you are sanctioned. You can pay your student account at the Warrior Hub.

Please Note

  • By enrolling online your implied consent is given allowing communication with hearing officers regarding completion or failure to complete the E-Chug or E-Toke program. No other information will be relayed to your hearing officer.
  • Refer to your outcome letter or contact your hearing officer for questions regarding your assigned deadline.
  • Failure to complete your sanction by the assigned deadline will result in a hold placed on registration and future enrollment.
  • Be sure to print off and bring your results to your appointment with Health Promotion.