Order-In Programs

The Health Promotion Order-In Programs are coordinated and conducted by a team of WSU staff and faculty.  This team includes professionals in the areas of Health Education, Counseling, and Dietetics.  The programs consist of health activities focusing on prevention, awareness, and skill development with the end result being behavioral change in the direction of optimal personal wellness for each student. 

If you would like to order a Health Promotion Order-In Program for your class, residence hall, campus organization, or community event please email healthpromotion@winona.edu.  


Emotional Dimension of Wellness

Having high self-esteem, confidence, satisfying relationships, a support network and staying optimistic and enthusiastic about life is key to living a healthy lifestyle. Accepting oneís feelings helps us to understand more about ourselves and others.

Missing Home:

How to survive feelings of being homesick: Find out how other students have survived missing home in a discussion with open and friendly student health and wellness advocates.  Gather to share your experience of what worked, and what didnít or ask questions and find support.

Healthy Relationships:

This session is led by community experts and offers a real discussion about what qualities make a relationship healthy and helps to debunk myths and reveal facts.  Learn the danger signs and what to do if you have concerns for yourself or someone you know.

Environmental Dimension of Wellness

Learning and contributing to the health of the planet and a sustainable lifestyle are elemental to a healthy balance in life. Recognizing our responsibility for the quality of the air, water, and the land is the major step to creating a better world. Making a positive impact on our environment, be it our homes, our communities or our planet makes our lives better.

Please contact Eric Barnard, Director of WSU's Outdoor Education and Recreation Center for class and group presentations.

Intellectual Dimension of Wellness

Encouraging creative and stimulating mental activity keeps us better fit for the world. Getting the most out of classes and education by asking questions, being open to new ideas, learning new skills and studying effectively helps to keep us attuned to the world around us.

Goals in Action:

Do you know what you want to be when you grow up?  This session will help you to identify what youíre passionate about, decide what steps you need to take and help you to begin down a path to success. 

Occupational Dimension of Wellness

Finding personal fulfillment and satisfaction from our jobs or our chosen career fields while maintaining balance in our lives is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Positively impacting the organizations we work in and society as a whole through our careers helps ourselves and improves the lives of others.  

Love What You Do, Do What You Love:

Discover Your Dream Career

Your Life, Your Money:

Budgeting Finances in College: Learn to make wise decisions regarding money.  No budget is too small to consider.  Learn fun and creative ways to save money and create a budget that works for you.  Ask questions about avoiding financial danger zones. (Additional Tips and Tricks: How to Balance your Checkbook and Do's and Do Not's of Credit Cards)

Physical Dimension of Wellness

Achieving optimal physical wellness by eating well, exercising, avoiding harmful habits, getting enough sleep, recognizing the signs of disease, getting regular physical exams and taking steps to prevent injury are all part of an important facet of a maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Get Talking

(Duration: 1hr): Mixing information with interesting facts, learn about contraceptives, STIs, condoms (with a mini condom bar!) and more!  All in an effort to open lines of communication!  Get talking and know the facts, be informed! Presented by Semcac Family Planning Clinic & the Sexual Health Awareness Group (SHAG).

Condom BINGO

(Duration: 1-1 ½ hr): Taking Bingo to a whole new level!  Sexual health trivia and condoms to cover your Bingo card!  Take your winnings home with you and be safe!


Social Dimension of Wellness

Having a supportive social network, contributing to society, valuing cultural diversity and having positive interactions with those around you keep us happy, healthy and point us toward the right directions in life.

Inclusion and Diversity Training:

This workshop will give a down-and-dirty look at many aspects of diversity (such as ethnic, cultural, sexual, gender, language, economic, ability/disability, etc.) and explain how peopleís lives in these demographics are affected differently by their diversity than other people.  The workshop will also include strategies on how to best include and show active tolerance toward marginalized groups. Presented by Power in Diversity

Spiritual Dimension of Wellness

Possessing a set of guiding beliefs, principles, or values that give meaning and purpose to life is an important part of oneís character. Possessing the capacity to love, have compassion for others and lead a life that is in harmony with oneself and the others around you helps you to live a better life as well as improving the lives of those around you.

Meditation 101: Stress Management

Feeling tense and stressed? Do you want to learn new ways to de-stress and relax? Join us for peaceful experiential exercises. Mindful relaxation is a drop-in educational workshop series. We will practice mindful walking, relaxation through guided imagery, tactile mindfulness, progressive muscle relaxation, and more. Mindful relaxation exercises are an excellent way to de-stress, improve your sleep and health, decrease anxiety, relax and have fun!
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