Information Technology Services


Information Technology Services (ITS) provides the technology-based foundation to support and empower the Winona State University (WSU) community to meet and exceed their educational and business needs.


Information Technology Services (ITS) endeavors to position the University as a national leader in the innovative and effective use of technology to support the academic enterprise.


User Services
User Services provides multiple accessible avenues of end-user technical support to the Winona State University Community.

Infrastructure Services
Infrastructure Services provides the platform of this IT foundation upon which all core academic and business services are built.

Teaching, Learning, and Technology Service
Teaching, Learning, and Technology Services (TLTS) empowers the entire campus community to utilize technology effectively by providing a wide range of learning opportunities, designing and maintaining engaging learning spaces, managing academic and workplace technology projects, and exploring new technologies that enrich digital life and learning.

Development and Web Support Services
Development and Web Services facilitates the collaborative collection, processing, and access to electronic information through the development of innovative custom applications and web solutions.


Kenneth D. Janz
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Chief Information Officer
Somsen Hall, Room 111
Phone: 507.457.2299

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