Support and configuration of personally owned electronic devices:

The Technical Support Center (Somsen 207) offers limited support for personally owned electronic devices.  Clients requesting assistance with these devices must understand and agree to the following:

Please Note:  You will be charge for this service at the rate of $1.00 per minute after the first 15 minutes of service.

  • Users must attempt to setup and configure their own electronic device using the instructions on our Knowledgebase Wiki.
  • There are hundreds of different devices of this type.  It is not possible for our technicians to know how to configure every device.  We do not guarantee that we will be able to successful configure your device for use with the WSU network.  All assistance given will be on a “best effort” basis.  If we are not successful with a reasonable attempt, then assistance will be terminated.
  • The first 15 minutes of assistance will be given to our clients at no cost.  Assistance beyond the first 15 minutes is billable to the client at a rate of $1.00 per minute.
  • We will make every attempt to protect the device from loss of data, damage or breakage.  The Technical Support Center cannot be held responsible for damages or loss of data.
  • Assistance with electronic devices and will be given only for initial wireless set-up to the WSU network and configuration of the device for email.
  • The Technical Support Center will not provide the following types of support for electronic devices:  Tutorial assistance, training,  loading applications (apps), troubleshooting applications,  synchronization of the device with laptop computers, hardware troubleshooting, repair of software or hardware.
  • Due to high demand for computer technical support during peak times, assistance will not be provided for handheld devices during the first 2 weeks of each regular school year academic semester and during finals weeks. 
  • Electronic devices must have appropriate and up to date Anti-virus protection.
  • Must have current operating systems on their devices. No more than two years old.

Smartphone and Handheld Device support list