Software Information

There is a very strict requirement from MNSCU (MNSCU Board policy that all University owned or leased computing devices must have data erased prior to disposal or re-deployment of that device.   If you have a University owned or leased desktop computer, laptop computer, iPad,  or tablet device that is ready for disposal OR will be transferred from one individual to another, then you MUST contact the Technical Support Center to erase data.  Even if the device is transferred from one individual to another within the same department the MNSCU requirement to erase data applies

If there is data on the device that needs to be protected or saved prior to erasing, please consult with a technician at the Technical Support Center regarding the best way to protect that data.


WSU supports a large number of software applications for the PC and Mac platform.  If you need to order software, please refer to the WSU supported software list.   If the desired software is not found on the list, please review the general software requirements, and follow the process found here to make an order.