Laptop Locks

Laptop locks are available for purchase at the WSU Bookstore.


Optional Laptop Theft Recovery / Tracking
    • Price: approximately $50 for a two-year subscription (price is subject to change)
    • PC laptops can be tracked if stolen
    • Students have the opportunity to purchase this service ONLY at the time they pick up their laptop.
      • Should they choose to purchase this service it will be activated at the same time they pick up the laptop.
      • This service is Non-Refundable and Non-Returnable.
    • How does this service work?
      • If the laptop is reported as stolen the computer will send tracking information to reveal the address of the computer once it is connected to the Internet. Computrace will then investigate for recovery.
      • If the laptop is connected to the Internet and the address is revealed but the laptop cannot be recovered within 60 days, Computrace pays user $1000*
      • Students will still be required to pay WSU the $500 deductible if laptop is lost or stolen.
    • For more information on Computrace you can call WSU Technical Support at 507.457.5240.
*Absolute Software DOES NOT guarantee the recovery of all lost or stolen laptops. For more information please go to