Acquisitions Department


Acquisitions Department Personnel

  • Kendall Larson, Academic Librarian, (507) 457-5147,

  • Jullie Levinski, Library Technician, (507) 457-5042,

  • Karen Gernes, Library Technician, (507) 457-5224,

  • Acquisitions Department Fax, (507) 457-2679

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Acquisitions Policies and Procedures

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Collection Development

  • Functions
    The Collection Development Coordinator is responsible for the following activities:
    • Fund allocation and oversight
    • Support for library liaisons
    • Subject-specific collection analysis
    • Dissemination of information regarding the availability of resources
    • Collection maintenance
    • Development of policies outlining the overall pattern of collection growth
  • Organization
    The Collection Development Librarian supports the collection development activities of the library liaisons as they work with the university's academic departments to build, plan, and review the library's collections.

  • Policies and Procedures
    • Fund Allocation
      Available funds are allocated to academic departments based on an allocation formula. This formula utilizes the following department-based information: number of new course offerings, credit hours, majors, and fte faculty. The results of the calculations are added to a base allocation (currently 2% of available funds) and the total if the amount available to each department for discretionary purchasing.

      Allocated funds are reserved for the exclusive use of the department until March 1. At that time any remaining funds will revert to a library general fund to be used to acquire resources identified by the WSU community as a whole.

      While subscriptions are not charged against an individual department's funds each subscription is associated with the initiating department.

    • Ordering
      Orders are first sent to the library liaison for review who then sends the order to the Acquisition Department.

    • Backlogs
      Orders received after funds have been exhausted will be placed in a backlog. Unless otherwise advised, these orders will be placed once funds are available

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Thesis Binding

Procedures for Binding Thesis/EBP Project at the Darrell W. Krueger Library – Winona Campus 

1. Students pay for binding at the WSU Warrior Hub Cashier (209 Maxwell Hall) prior to their appointment to drop off their Thesis/EBP at the Darrell W. Krueger Library.  The Cashiers Office will only accept a written check or cash and cannot accept credit or debit cards.  Current pricing is listed below. 

2. Next make an appointment with the Darrell W. Krueger Library - Acquisitions Department. Please email Jullie Levinski at to make an appointment time to drop off the thesis. 

At this appointment, students will deliver at least three “ready to be bound” copies of Thesis/EBP Project along with the Research Project Completion Certificate form (binding certificate) and receipt from the Cashier’s Office (507-457-5142) to the Darrell W. Krueger Library - Acquisitions Department. 

Library Acquisitions staff will:

  • Accept the thesis copies and sign the Research Project Completion Certificate (binding certificate). 
  • Make copies of your payment receipt and binding certificate.  A copy will be returned to you with your original receipt.  The original Research Project Completion Certificate (binding certificate) will be forwarded to the appropriate WSU Office (such as Pat Cichosz for Graduate Studies).

3. Binding generally takes four to six weeks.When the bound Thesis/EBP Project arrives back to the Darrell W. Krueger Library from the bindery, one copy will remain at the Darrell W. Krueger Library.  The remaining bound copies are forwarded to the appropriate WSU Office (such as the Office of Graduate Studies (Winona Campus) to distribute to the Thesis/EBP student group).

Binding Thesis Prices

Quantity Price    (includes all shipping charges)
1 $40.00
2 $70.00
3 $100.00
4 $130.00
5 $160.00
6 $190.00
7 $220.00
8 $250.00
9 $280.00
10 + $30 per additional thesis

Prices effective September 2013






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