Workshop Two
Credit for Prior Learning: How to Do It

This workshop focuses on doing credit for prior learning at the course level. You will learn different methods of CPL assessment, identify appropriate assessment options for courses, and choose courses appropriate for CPL. You also will identify ways to provide students with the information/materials they need in order to apply academic content to their practical knowledge, so that their CPL efforts are successful.

Who should attend this workshop?

MnSCU faculty 

What are the topics that will be covered at this workshop?

  • Competence expectations

  • Student self-assessment and reflection

  • Diagnostics: what do students know?

  • Bridging options

  • Evaluation

Who is facilitating this workshop?

What should be done to prepare for this workshop?

Submit in advance example(s) of one or two high demand courses (course outlines) from your disciplines that could be or are high demand for CPL. Also, provide questions/concerns about how CPL relates to the courses you select as examples.  Please email these examples and your questions/concerns to Carol Lacey at and to Martha Kudak at by April 23, 2014.

Registration Information

Lunch and refreshments are included with your $30 registration fee. .45 CEU is available on request to registered participants when checking in at the workshop.

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Third Party Registration and Payment 

To register and arrange third party payment (so that your institution will be invoiced), send an email requesting third party registration and payment to: Please include your name and the name of your institution in the email, and the workshop title in the subject line of the email.