Winona State University offers special services to adult students who wish to earn a new undergraduate degree or return to college to complete a degree in progress. To qualify, you must be admitted to the university and be out of high school a minimum of four years. If you’ve taken college credits elsewhere, it must be at least one year since you enrolled.

The WSU Adult Entry Program (AEP) is offered through the Outreach & Continuing Education Department (OCED) and provides adult students with one-on-one advising and support to help students get started at WSU. AEP advisors share information on WSU programs and services, help students select appropriate courses and answer students’ questions.

WSU offers a variety of majors and minors for your consideration. Feel free to explore this site to learn more and give us a call today to schedule an appointment with an AEP advisor.

The AEP Getting Started Checklist (PDF) is your step-by-step guide covering:

  • what you need to do before your AEP advising appointment
  • what you can expect at your appointment
  • what you'll need to accomplish before classes begin

Make sure you review this checklist prior to your advising appointment to ensure you have completed the necessary steps and are ready to proceed with the registration process. Also, before your appointment please review the DARS Report Tutorial so you are better prepared to identify and plan for your academic needs and goals.

To set up an AEP advising appointment please contact:

Outreach & Continuing Education
Somsen Hall 106

Please note that placement testing (ACT or Accuplacer) or equivalent transfer coursework is required before you register for English or math courses.

Students at WSU register for courses using the online registration system. The WSU Web Registration Tutorial (12 minute narrated guide or pdf guide) walks you through the entire registration process including access web registration, logging in, entering your registration access code, finding classes, registering, and more (Note: the narrated guide may take a minute to load).

Please review the Registration FAQs for helpful facts regarding class prerequisites, registration holds, the "blue card" process, and additional information.

If you have not yet applied to Winona State University as an adult entry student, please submit a completed Adult Entry Application (PDF), application fee, and transcripts to the Office of Admissions, as described on the application form.

If you are already admitted to the university, but need to declare or change your major/minor, complete the Declaration or Change of Major/Minor form available at the Warrior Hub, Maxwell 210.

To view available majors or minors click here.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) dictates that the university and its agents (faculty, staff, administrators) are not allowed to share educational information about any student without the student's prior consent. If you wish to have the university provide educational record information to individuals you authorize, you must complete a FERPA Authorization to Access Educational Record form (PDF).

  This Facebook group is a social networking site for adult entry students at Winona State University. Join the group to meet other adult students, ask questions, make suggestions or simply receive notices on important dates and events from Adult Entry Program (AEP) advisors. 

MnSCU provides a variety of services and options to students enrolled within this system.

Visit the following sites to learn more: