Customized Training for Your Organization

Each organization has its  human resources. We begin by working with you to identify own strategic direction, a unique position in the industry, a distinguishable brand and a team of employees that is unlike any other. When your success relies on certain employee capabilities that could be improved, custom training may be the answer.

WSU Business Solutions provides customized professional development solutions that help you increase the effectiveness of your how we will measure success of the training:
  • progress toward strategic performance measures
  • improved customer satisfaction
  • productivity increases
  • quality improvements
  • increased retention

By understanding your priorities, WSU Business Solutions can help you customize a training solution that best meets your specific requirements.

Business success is driven by the skills, experience, and performance of employees at all levels of an organization. Customized training for your staff is a solid investment. It helps your teams hone the skills needed to achieve your specific strategic business goals and improve your bottom line results. Let us help you design a training program that addresses your training needs today. Where can we help your teams make improvements?

  • leadership and supervision
  • leading and adjusting to change
  • customer service
  • team building
  • communicating with impact
  • managing conflict
  • valuing differences and understanding work styles
  • development dimensions international leadership, workforce & customer service learning systems
  • effective meetings
  • Four Ways Personality System™
  • understanding generational differences
  • creativity and innovation
  • strategic planning using graphic facilitation

Your organization needs employees who can help you evolve and keep pace with the changing demands and shrinking resources of the “new normal”. Winona State University has a network of quality faculty and industry experts who can help you create a workforce that routinely surfaces and solves process problems to improve quality and competitiveness. WSU’s educational solutions address the specific needs of organizations making the transformation to Lean practices and philosophy.

  • Six Sigma Techniques
  • Principles of Lean
  • Lean for the Office
  • 5S System/Visual Workplace
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Quick Changeover/Setup Reduction
  • Pull Systems/Kanban
  • Continuous Improvement/Quality Initiatives
  • Manufacturing Design

Area manufacturers that have benefited from WSU courses include:
  • Watlow Controls
  • PlastiCert Inc.
  • Red Wing Shoe Company
  • Fastenal
  • Northern Engraving
  • Miken Sports
  • Miller Felpax
  • ICI Fiberite
  • Polymer Composites, Inc.

WSU and Watlow Controls/PlastiCert, Inc. received a grant from Minnesota Jobs Skills Partnership to develop and deliver a three-year "Leadership in Lean Manufacturing" training program for approximately 300 employees.
The healthcare industry is challenged by a critical shortage of experienced employees at every level. Today, many healthcare employers are successfully addressing these concerns by providing training and education to current and potential employees. Last year, the state of Minnesota educated 78 percent of the state's new nursing graduates and 64 percent of all Minnesota's healthcare workers.

WSU offers an extensive selection of healthcare educational programs that offer new, in-demand skills training and address specific skills gaps.


Sample healthcare training curriculum:

  • Introduction and Overview of Lean Thinking and Continuous Improvement
  • Value Stream Management
  • Problem Solving Techniques
  • Introduction to Flow
  • Visual Workplace Management-6S
  • Project Management
  • Over 60 tailored 4- hour workshops for healthcare leadership development, online CCRN and PCCN exam prep courses.

For more details on specific healthcare training options, please follow the links below:

Leadership Capability Development for Healthcare
Lean Process Improvement