UPAC Board Members


K. Faber - Director

Katy Faber

Position: Director

UPAC Responsibilities:

Chairs weekly UPAC Meetings, leads executive board meetings, attends ASO meetings on behalf of UPAC, keeps track of meeting attendance and office hours, and serves as spokesperson on behalf of UPAC.

Year in School: Junior

: Movement Science
Psychology and Spanish

Email Address:

Kristin Blommel - Asst. Director


Kristin Blommel

Position: Assistant Director

UPAC Responsibilities:

Takes meeting minutes at all weekly meetings, maintains the UPAC office, facilitates member recognition and social events, and assumes the duties of Director in her absence.

Year in School:  Junior
Major: Nursing

Email Address: KBlommel10@winona.edu




Cory Tindal - Accounts


Cory Tindal

Position: Accounts Director

UPAC Responsibilities:
Prepares and follows an annual budget, tracks all expenditures and revenues, makes deposits, maintains all contracts for entertainers, and monitors ticket sales.

Year in School: Senior
Major: Accounting
Minor: Management Information Systems (MIS)

Email Address: CTindal09@winona.edu



Emily Meskan - Concerts


Emily Meskan

Position: Concerts Director

UPAC Responsibilities:
Contacts and books music acts for the entire year, creates a concert survey to determine WSU students' music preferences, coordinates day-of-show set-ups, chairs the Concert Committee and assists the Public Relations Directors with marketing of music related events.

Year in School: Sophomore
Major: Athletic Training

Email Address: EMeskan11@winona.edu

Kenzie Howard - On-Campus


Kenzie Howard

Position: Special Events On-Campus Director

UPAC Responsibilities:
Contacts agents to bring entertainers, such as hypnotists and comedians, to campus; plans free movie nights and grocery bingo nights; plans other on-campus activities. Co-chairs the Special Events Committee.

Year in School: Sophomore
Major: Special Education

Email Address: MHoward12@winona.edu


Becca Knudsen - Off-Campus


Becca Knudsen

Position: Special Events Off-Campus Director

UPAC Responsibilities:

Coordinates bus trips for sporting events; organizes local entertainment options, such as $3 nights at the movie theatre and bowling alley, and other off-campus activities. Co-chairs the Special Events Committee.

Year in School:  Senior
Major:  Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation

Email Address:



Brittany Bieber - PR Print

Brittany Bieber

Position: Public Relations Print Director

UPAC Responsibilities:
Designs and/or coordinates the marketing of all UPAC posters, table toppers and brochures around campus. Works with the Public Relations Technology Director to order promotional gear and organize efforts with other clubs.

Year in School:  Sophomore
Major: Early Childhood Education

Email Address:

Samantha Hildebrandt - PR Tech

Samantha Hildebrandt

Position: Public Relations Technology Director

UPAC Responsibilities:
Manages UPAC's Facebook page and Twitter account. Manages UPAC's website as webmaster. Works with the Public Relations Print Director to order promotional gear and organize efforts with other clubs.

Year in School: Junior
Major: Secondary Education: Mathematics
Minor: Spanish

Email Address: SHildebrandt10@winona.edu