Access Services relies on the use of technology to assist students with their notetaking needs.


Several apps are available at no cost to WSU students to download to their iPads, such as Notability, Evernote and One Note.


  • This app offers the option to write notes using your finger or a stylus pen or type on the iPad screen, and record at the same time for later review. When you type your notes while recording, you can go back to a specific section of the recording by clicking on a keyword.
  • This app is available in the WSU app catalog on the "Purchased" tab.


  • This app has 2 different recording abilities. Tap the paperclip at the top of the page to add an attachment and select "Audio" to record an entire lecture while typing your notes.
  • By using the microphone in the keyboard, it will record a lecture and convert it to text. You would need to sit near the professor for this to be effective, and only record short segments of material (about 40 seconds at a time)
  • This app is available in the WSU app catalog on the "Public" tab, and you will need to create an Evernote account.
  • To use a stylus pen or your finger to take notes, you would need to download "Penultimate". You can choose to use lined, graph, or plain paper, but you cannot type or record using Penultimate.

One Note

  • This app is available in the WSU app catalog on the "Public" tab. You'll need to set up an account on Skydrive.
  • Like Evernote, when you use the microphone in the keyboard, it will record only short segments (less than 40 seconds) and convert them to text. One Note would be helpful in dictating a paper in short paragraphs as you have a variety of formatting options. You cannot type and record at the same time.

Smart Pens

Smart Pens are available from Access Services to students who don't have iPads. Using specialized notebook paper, a Smart Pen allows the user to write down key words while recording a lecture, and come back later to replay the lecture. You can play backany part of thelecture by tapping on a word in your notes.

Student attends a lecture with laptops and notebooks.
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