Meet WSU Admissions



    Carl T. Stange

    Director of Undergraduate Admissions




   Freshman Admissions

  Sue Eckerson

  Assistant Director, FR


  SE Minnesota region

  SW Twin Cities metro



  Johanna Gillard, Counselor

  Advisor, WSU Ambassadors


  NW Twin Cities metro area

  Western Minnesota outside of TC area



 Grant Wall, Counselor


 NE Twin Cities metro

 WI North of Hwy 21

 N of  I-90 near La Crosse 


    Adam Machacek    


    2014 Internship Counselor



   Connie (CJ) Johnson, Counselor

   On Campus Group Visit Coordinator


   Southern Wisconsin

   Madison & Milwaukee areas

   SE Twin Cities metro area


  Karen Kauphusman

  Primary FR Processor

  FR Scholarship Awards

  FR Student Registration


  Kim Gresham

  PSEO applications

  Reciprocity,  Residency

  Visiting Students



   Beth Halleck

   Main Desk Reception

   Information Requests

   Primary Contact for




  Katrina Young

  Office Manager

  Central Document Imaging

  myWSU questions


           Transfer Admissions

   Carol Ziehlsdorf

   Associate Director

   Transfer Specialist 

   (for students with last names K-Z)

   Foreign Credentials Evaluator



   Sarah Curtin

   Assistant Director, Transfer

   Transfer Specialist

   (for students with last names A-J)

   PSEO, AP, IB, CLEP, Military Credits

   First year International Admissions


   Mary Mueller

   Transfer Information

   Admissions Processor

   for Transfer Students


Adult Entry

      Jennifer Lamberson


     Outreach & Continuing Education (OCED)

     Advising Coordinator for Adult Entry Students

     Somsen Hall 106H

 Inclusion and Diversity


     Alexander Hines


     Inclusion & Diversity Director

     Kryzsko Commons 121













Contact Us

WSU Admissions
Toll Free: 800.DIALWSU ext.5100
Telephone: 507.457.5100

Fax: 507.457.5620

Mailing Address

P.O.Box 5838
106 Maxwell Hall
Winona,MN 55987-5838

GPS Address

170 West Sanborn St.