Academic Warning/Suspension/Probation

Good Standing:† Students who meet the following minimum standards are in Good Standing academically.

a.††1.75 minimum WSU cumulative grade point average (gpa) for first 15 hours attempted; 2.00 minimum WSU cumulative gpa thereafter.
b.††66.66% cumulative completion rate for all credits attempted, including developmental coursework (English 099 and Math 050) and credits accepted in transfer, once 5 WSU credits have been attempted.

Academic Warning:
† Students who fall below these standards for the first time may remain enrolled but will be placed on†Academic Warning. †Students eligible to attend classes but are required to complete an Academic Warning Meeting Form with their assigned advisor or an advisor in the Warrior Success Center before registering for any subsequent term.

Academic Suspension:† Students on Academic Suspension are not eligible to enroll in or attend classes for at least one academic semester. †Students can submit a Written Academic Appeal Form†by deadline for readmission. ††If the appeal is granted, the student will be able to remain enrolled for an additional semester on Academic Probation.

Academic Probation:† Students on Academic Probation who are making satisfactory progress (defined as meeting the minimum standards of a 2.20 gpa and 75% completion rate for the term) will be allowed to continue to enroll for each subsequent term until they reach the cumulative grade point average and completion rate required for Good Standing.

Resources available to help students include:†



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Advising Services

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Math Achievement Center

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International Student Office

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EDUC 115: Improving Study Skills Course (1 credit, P/NC)

Jean Bellman

Additional Notes:

Students under standards will be notified of their status (Academic Warning or Academic Suspension) by the Registrarsí Office at the end of each semester, including Summer term if applicable. For more information go to the WSU Catalog†Academic Standing Policy.

Students who have an appeal granted and are allowed to continue on Academic Probation will be eligible for financial aid. †

Students who return after sitting out for the required time must meet with an advisor in the Warrior Success Center to be readmitted and placed on Academic Probation. †

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