Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) Taskforce - Advisory

A. Charge

  1. Review data collected and reports developed through the Next Chapter Grant on Serving Adult Learners through Prior Learning Assessment at WSU.
  2. Review best practices established by the Council on Adult & Experiential Learning (CAEL), other MnSCU institutions and other non-MnSCU schools.
  3. Produce a written summary report with recommendations.
  4. Review existing WSU policies, practices, procedures as they relate to credit for prior learning and make recommendations for consideration and consultation at appropriate Meet and Confer meetings. This may include recommendations on:
    a. Establishing clearly defined roles and responsibilities related to CPL throughout the institution
    b. Reviewing costs and recommending fees and processes related to the various forms of credit for prior learning
    c. Developing rubrics for assessing prior learning that can be adopted by faculty and departments throughout the university
    d. Determining best approaches for preparing students for portfolio development including exploring a course on portfolio
    e. Developing a handbook for students, faculty and staff on credit for prior learning
    f. Determining what information on credit for prior learning should be centralized on a website and what information should
    be housed on academic department websites.
    g. Identifying CPL coding issues on student transcripts and DARS
    h. Exploring how CPL can contribute to program requirements and degree completion

B.  Co-Chairs:  1 selected by administration; 1 selected by committee

C. Term of membership: 2014-15 academic years

D. Administrative co-chair will call the first meeting

E. Experience and/or training in prior learning assessment preferred

F. Composition

  • 3 to 6 IFO
  • 3 ASF
  • 1 Deans Council

o 1 COA
o 1 MAPE
o 2 Ex Officio

2014-2015 Membership (In Progress)

  • 3 to 6 IFO: 1. Melanie Reap 2. Mitchell Moore 3. Mark Eriksen 4. Daniel Lintin
  • 3 ASF: 1. Lori Beseler, Student Record Services; 2. Sarah Curtin, Assistant Director/Admissions Counselor; 3. Alex Kromminga, Director of Conduct & Citizenship
  • 1 Deans Council: 1. Thomas Bremer, Library & Information Services
  • 1 COA: William McBreen
  • 1 MAPE
  • 1 AFSCME: Barb Nascak
  • 2 Ex Officio:  1. Diane Dingfelder, Executive Director of Outreach & Continuing Education; 2. Jennifer Lamberson, Program Development & Advising Coordinator.