About Program's Majors and Minors

The Art department offer majors in Art Education, Graphic Design and Studio Art, and a minor in Art History.

Art Education
The teaching program prepares graduates for Minnesota certification in art (K-12) and is offered in conjunction with the College of Education. Teaching majors must take all courses in the art (K-12) Professional Education Sequence in addition to courses in the content area. For an up-to-date list of the Professional Education courses, majors should consult the Effective Educator Handbook and refer to the Education Advising website at: www.winona.edu/education/advising.

Studio Art
The Studio option offers investigation and training in the fine arts in the context of a broadly based Liberal Arts education.
 First-year students take core foundation classes, and in succeeding years pursue their chosen media sequence classes, such as Painting, Drawing, Ceramics, Sculpture, Printmaking, or Art History. All Studio majors are encouraged to take additional coursework in their chosen media as electives to further strengthen their work.
 Coursework is augmented by changing exhibitions of professional and student work, as well as lectures, workshops, and critiques by visiting artists. Student-run art clubs, such as Creative Commons and Mud Club, conduct independent activities and organize regular trips to regional art centers, where students encounter historic and contemporary masterworks.

Graphic Design
Graphic Design is an interdisciplinary program based in the Art Department with required coursework in Mass Communication and Marketing.  Building on a foundation in studio art and art history, with an emphasis on drawing and design, students work with current software, gaining experience in print and web design. The capstone experience includes participation in the Senior Graphic Design Exhibition and a possible internship with a regional business. Students are required to use Macintosh laptop computers.
Formal admission to the program requires the completion of certain foundation courses and submission of a portfolio.  The review process takes place in the Fall semester.

Art History
Art History is a required component of all three art majors, and is also offered as a minor.  Because our department grants degrees to working artists, teachers, and designers, the Art History offerings stress recent developments, which are, however, built upon tradition.
Beginning courses introduce students to the field, while providing valuable exercises in analysis and research.  Upper level courses in a range of topics expose the student to primary source material by artists and critics, scholarly sources, as well as in-depth observation, discussion, and research.  A vibrant exhibition program on campus and proximity to world-class museums in Minneapolis ensure direct encounters with the objects of study. 

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