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Committees & Task Forces

All University Committees and Task Forces are comprised of members appointed by the different constituency groups on campus. Full-share ASF members may volunteer to serve on these bodies; others are assigned as ex-officio members.

As committee members, volunteers are expected to represent ASF interests, report to the general membership on committee activities and solicit feedback from members as needed.

Advancement & Academic Advisory – Operational 
1. L. Beseler
2. P. Stern
Ex-officio – Director of Public Information, A. Mikkelsen

All-University Campaign – Operational 
1. C. Opatz
Ex Officio - Director of Annual Fund, C. Jokela

All-University Technology Committee - Advisory
1. T. Schmidt (Three-year term)
Ex-Officio – Teaching, Learning & Technology Director, Ken Graetz

Arboretum Committee and Land Stewardship Committee - Advisory 
1. T. Krause

Arts Collection Committee – Advisory 
Ex-Officio – (Development Officer) C. Jokela
Ex-Officio – Arts Administrator, K. Peterson

Calendar – Operational 
1. K. Parsi
2. J. Quandt
Ex-Officio – (Registrar or designee) G. Petersen

Enrollment Management – Advisory 
Ex-Officio – Director of Admissions, C, Stange
Ex-Officio – Director of IPAR, E. Fujieda
Ex-Officio - Director of Inclusion and Diversity Office, A. Hines
Ex-Officio – Advising Services Director

Facilities & Finance – Advisory 
1. N. Peterson
2. P. Scheevel
3. T. Schmidt
Ex-Officio – Registrar – G. Petersen

Financial Aid and Satisfactory Academic Progress (Title IV) – Mandated 
1. L. Beseler
Ex-Officio – Financial Aid Director, G. Peterson
Ex-Officio - Admissions Director, C. Stange

Graduate Student Experience - Advisory 
1. D. Espinosa (Three-year term)

Hall of Fame – Operational 
1. J. Loehr
Ex-Officio – Alumni Director, A. MacDonald
Ex Officio - Compliance Officer, M. Turgeon
Ex-Officio – Assistant Athletics Director, J. Bratberg

Improvement, Accreditation, and Assessment Committee - Advisory
1. B. Ayers
2. G. Kellom
3. N. Peterson

Inclusive Excellence, Affirmative Action and Title IX Compliance – Mandated
1. A. Kromminga (Two- to three-year term)
Ex Officio - Director of Inclusion and Diversity, A. Hines
Ex-Officio - Director of OCED, D. Dingfelder
Ex-Officio – 504 Coordinator, N, Dumke

 Institutional Animal Care and Use – Mandated
Ex-Officio, Grants Director/Human Protections Administrator, N. Peterson

Institutional Review Board (Human Subjects) – Mandated
Ex-Officio – Grants Director/Human Protections Administrator, N. Peterson

International - Advisory 
1. M. Rohrer (Three-year term)
Ex-Officio – Director of International Services, K. Pinar
Ex-Officio – Study Abroad Director, Vacant

Learning and Community Engagement Committee – Advisory 
1. J. Fujieda (Three-year term)
2. D. Goddard (Three-year term)
3. M. Sheehan (Three-year term)
Ex-Officio – Director of the Office of Learning & Community Engagement – Vacant
Ex-Officio – Director of Retiree Center, A. Kohner

Long-Range Planning Committee - Advisory
1. J. Quandt
2. T. Rahim
3. M. Turgeon

Lyceum – Operational 
1. B. Ayers (Three-year term)
2. T. Rahim (Three-year term)
Ex-Officio – Director of Grants, N. Peterson
Ex-Officio – Public Information Director, A. Mikkelsen
Ex-Officio – Arts Administrator, K. Peterson

OCED Advisory Council - Advisory 
Ex-Officio – Director of OCED, D. Dingfelder

Orientation – Operational 
1. A. Meyer
J. Reed
Ex-Officio – (Residence Life representative) P. Scheevel
Ex-Officio – Student Leader Coordinator, W. Wicka
Ex-Officio – Advising Service Director,

Safety Committee – Mandated  
1. C. Kjorlien
Ex-Officio - Director of Security, D. Walski

Sexual Violence Advisory – Mandated 
1. E. Twiton
2. (Security) D. Walski (Two-year term)
3. (Health Services) C. Kamara (Two-year term)
4. (Residence Life) P. Scheevel (Two-year term)

Special Initiative Committee (PDF)
(Not an All-University Committee)
1. E. Fujieda
2. N. Peterson

Student Conduct & Citizenship – Mandated 
1. D. Espinosa (Two-year term)
2. A. Shepard (Two-year term)
Ex-Officio – Director of Student Conduct & Citizenship, A. Kromminga

Sustainability Committee – Advisory
1. C. Jokela
2. A. Mikkelsen