Management Minor

General management skills are required in organizations of every size and kind. The concentration focuses on the acquisition of knowledge and skills that are necessary for accepting and exercising responsibility - for making decisions, understanding behavior, recognizing the relationship of the organization with its environment, and understanding available options. Because the MGMT minor program permits a high degree of flexibility in choice of electives, you can tailor a program of study that best fits your career interests whether they are in the service or manufacturing sector. You will be prepared to work in small, medium, and large organizations in either the public or private sector, in a wide range of functional areas.

Students from outside the COB will benefit from this minor as it provides a solid introduction to the world of general business management. The MGMT minor will broaden the learning experiences and professional opportunities of non-BUSA majors by creating a second focus in Management.

Course Requirements


Select at least one course from each of the following four sections. MGMT 325 and MGMT 317 are prerequisites for other course in each component.

Organizational Component
(Effective Fall 2011 - BUSA 321 Applied Business Ethics (3))
(Effective Fall 2011 - BUSA 326 Business and the Future (3))

MGMT 315 Principles of Management (3)
MGMT 325 Organizational Dynamics (3)
MGMT 385 Social Entrepreneurship (3)
MGMT 415 Theories of Management (3)
MGMT 425 Small Business Management (3)
MGMT 495 Strategic Management (3)

Human Resources Component
(Effective Fall 2011 - BUSA 351 Employment Law (3))
MGMT 317 Management of Human Resources (3)
MGMT 417 Compensation Management (3)
MGMT 427 Human Resources and Organization Development (3)
MGMT 437 Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining (3)
MGMT 457 Seminar in Human Resources (3)
MGMT 467 Staffing and Evaluation (3)

Operational Component
MGMT 334 Operations Management (3)
MGMT 344 Purchasing (3)
MGMT 414 Operations Planning and Control (3)
MGMT 435 Managing for Quality (3)
MGMT 464 Project Management (3)

International Component
MGMT 345 International Business (3)
MGMT 475 International Management (3)
MGMT 477 International Human Resources Management (3)

Select any additional 18 S.H. from the above list.