International Business Minor

With an ever-increasing number of firms operating outside the boundaries of just one country, having an understanding on the culture, customs, religions, political systems, and language makes you extremely versatile in the global business environment. The IB minor program supplements the core business curriculum with courses that extend you knowledge of business, management, marketing, finance, and economics to the global arena while familiarizing you with various world cultures, religions, and societies.

Proficiency in a foreign language is a requirement of the IB minor. Although studying abroad is not a program requirement, it is strongly recommended that IB minors take advantage of study abroad opportunities to development their language skills and enhance their awareness of cultural and business practice differences.

The IB minor will benefit from learning the global view of worldwide markets and the role of business in these growing markets. The IB minor will broaden the learning experiences and professional opportunities for students by creating a second focus in international business.

This minor is available to COB and non-COB students alike who wish to add a global management focus to their career path or program of study.

Course Requirements

GS 200 Introduction to Global Studies (3)
MGMT 345 International Business (3)
MGMT 475 International Management (3)
Select three courses from the following:
MKTG 331 International Marketing (3)
FIN 440 International Finance (3)
BUSA 411 International Law (3)
ECON 404 International Economics (3) OR
ECON 415 International Economic Development (3)

Foreign Language (6 S.H.)
Minimum of two semesters of one foreign language. Automatic credit for international students.

GS 205 Cultural Encounters (3)
GS 250 Introduction to Asia (3)
GS 350 Cross-Cultural field Experience (or an international travel study; automatic credit for international students)
GS 355 Asian International Relations (3)
ACCT 424 International Taxation (3)
MGMT 477 International Human Resources Management (3)
CMST 281 Intercultural Communication (3)
CMST 381 Advanced Intercultural Communications (3) (offered every third semester)

Only one of the following courses:
HIST 165 Latin American History (3)
HIST 233 History of Mexico (3)
HIST 341 Modern Japan (3)
HIST 343 Modern China (3)
HIST 434 Soviet Russia (1905-present) (3)
HIST 469 History of Brazil (3) or other appropriate 300+ elective approved in advance by Business Administration Department
Satisfies University Studies requirements.