eTimesheet Code Guide

As a supervisor utilizing eTimesheets, it is your responsibility to review employee timesheets for accuracy and adherence with collective bargaining agreements before submitting to payroll. 

Since eTimesheets provide statewide coding choices, a code guide for WSU is provided below:

Work Schedules

  • REG Regular Pay - Hourly  
  • S65 Shift Differential .65

Leave Requests

  • VAC Vacation Leave
  • SIK - Sick Leave
  • FLH Floating Holiday
  • CT1 Comp Time Taken
  • HOL Holiday is system generated and does not require leave request

Immediate notification to Human Resources is needed for other leave requests including Family Medical Leave, Governor Salary Savings Leave, Jury Duty Leave and Unpaid Leave.

Overtime Requests

  • C15 Comp Time Earned @ 1.5
  • OTR Cash Overtime @ 1.5
  • CE1 Comp Time Earned @ 1
  • OT1 Cash Overtime @ 1 
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