Making a Purchase

Purchases can be completed in three different ways:

Field Orders are used only for items received at the place of purchase. They cannot be mailed or faxed to a vendor. 
  • A Field Order form is picked up from the Business Office front desk (Somsen 106)
  • These must be presented to the vendor at time of purchase and/or delivery
  • Purchase must be under $2000
  • Food purchases require additional documentation 
The completed Field Order form must be returned to Business Office within 5 working days with Vendor receipt or invoice attached to form. 

Things to Remember:

  • Both purchaser and vendor sign the field order form and a copy is given to the vendor.
  • One of the 2 signatures must be the responsible person for the Cost Center listed.

Note: Target, Walmart, Sam’s Club and Fleet Farm do not accept Field Order forms.

A 1400 Requisition For Purchase (PDF) form is completed with specific information about what is to be purchased. Of the two signatures required, one must be the responsible person for the Cost Center listed.

Attach any other information such as: quotes (listed below), a Request to Incur Expenses (PDF) form if needed, and/or additional information. 

Submit with appropriate signatures to the Business Office (Somsen 106).

To create a purchase order for an amount of:

  • Less Than $2,000
A minimum of one verbal, written or faxed quote is preferred, but not required.
1400 Form (PDF) needed

  • $2000-$4,999.99
A minimum of one hard copy quote is required.
1400 Form (PDF) needed

  • $5000-$9,999.99
A minimum of two hard copy quotes are required.
1400 Form (PDF) needed

  • $10,000-$24,999.99
A Minimum of two hard copy quotes are required on WSU Bid Form.
1400 Form (PDF) needed

  • $25,000-$49,999.99
A minimum of two hard copy quotes are required.
May or may not be required to go out for advertised bids on the State Register
1400 Form (PDF) needed

  • $50,000 or More
Must be advertised through State Register and for sealed bids requested contact Purchasing department for process.

Purchasing cards (p-cards) are used for Supply items only and cannot exceed $3000.

Before applying for a purchasing card, you must complete the Purchasing Card Training with the Purchasing Director (see contacts). Applications are located in the Business Office (Somsen 106).

Each cardholder is responsible for retaining and turning in the appropriate receipts (attached to statement) and signatures on the weekly statement he or she receives from the Business Office. 

Collect and save all receipts from purchases made.

For more information on purchasing cards, including information on appropriate use, visit the Purchasing Card User Manual page.