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November Linkedin App of the Month

Directions for downloading to iPad 2+, iPhone 4+ or Android:
1 - Go to App Store or Google Play and search "LinkedIn" and download app.
2 - Create a LinkedIn account or login with your LinkedIn username and password.
3 - Set up your profile and start networking!

LinkedIn is the premiere networking application!  By downloading, you get the latest updates in industry news and trends and endless professional connections.

October Interviewstream App Graphic  


InterviewStream is a computer-based software designed for practicing interview skill-building through mock interviews.  Just register, choose your questions, and align yourself in front of your webcom.  You can radomize questions or choose them specifically to get customized preparation!


Career Search by Experience Graphic Image

By downloading the Warrior Jobs (WSU's job and internship database system) app to your iPad, iPhone or Android phone, you can easily stay updated on the most recent job listings in the area, view upcoming career events or submit applications to your favorite jobs. On your mobile device, go to the App Store or Google Play and search "ConnectEDU" and download app.  Login with your Warrior Jobs username and password. Start your job search!