Winona State University
            Graduate Success Study
If you have graduated within the last 12 months please complete and submit the following information:

Graduate Information

1. Warrior ID: 
   2. Date of Graduation: 

3. Name (while in School): 

4. Program/Major(s):

5. Phone:     6. Email:     7. Today's Date:     

Continuing Education

8. Within 12 months following graduation from WSU, have you obtained or pursued an additional degree, diploma or certificate (accepted or enrolled at an institution)?  Yes  No

9. If YES, what was the date you started or were accepted into this program?

10. Name of Institution:     

11. Institution City: 
    12. State: 

13. What degree have you obtained or are you pursuing?
Certificate     Diploma     Associate     Bachelor's     Master's     Doctorate     Specialist    
First Professional (e.g. dentistry, law, medicine)

Job Status

14. Have you started, accepted or continued a paying job in the 12 months following graduation? (Include self-employment, Peace Corps, military service, or religious mission.)   YES   NO

15. If you answered YES and you reported continuing education above, please indicate in which group you prefer to be included (Check only one):   Employment   Continuing Education

If you have accepted or held more than one job, please provide information on what you consider to be the most important job.

16. What was the date you started or accepted this job? 

17. Employer/Firm Name:

18. City:
  19. State:   20. Country:

21. Job Title or Duties:

22. Is this position on average considered to be: 
Full-time  Part-time

23. How related* is this job to the program from which you graduated?
Related  Somewhat Related  Unrelated**

*Note: Your job is related at least to some degree if it meets any of the following criteria:
1. You were required to complete your program/major in order to qualify for this job;
2. You are/were using knowledge and skills on your job acquired through your program/major; or
3. Your job is/was an entry-level position required in order to obtain a job for which you were trained.

24. **If you checked Unrelated, are you actively seeking a job related to the major you graduated with?


25. If you have not been employed, which of the following describes your status?
Not currently employed, Actively seeking employment
Not currently employed, Not actively seeking employment

26. Did you register with Career Services?  YES  NO    

27. Did you meet with a Career Services Advisor?  YES  NO

28. Did you participate in an internship?  YES  NO     29. If yes, where?


30. Who is responding to this survey:     Graduate  Spouse/Partner/Roommate  Parent/Guardian  Family Member

Please complete if you did not select "Graduate" above:
                    31. Name:    32. Phone:

Thank you for completing a Graduate Success Study!