Choosing A Major

Preparation (Prepare to Declare)

To Learn More About Majors

  • Make an appointment with Career Services or the Counseling Center for a discover tutorial
  • Complete self-assessment activities on page 7 in the Career Guide and online
  • Join student clubs and organizations
  • Look for volunteer opportunities on or off campus
  • Obtain work experience either on or off campus
  • Find out geographically where WSU grads are employed


    To Learn More About Careers

  • Talk to family and friends about what they do for a living
  • Talk to professors about career opportunities specific to their field
  • Visit websites providing information on a wide range of careers
  • Review our webpage: Careers & Your Major
  • Arrange an informational or networking interview (more information can be found on page 18 of our Career Guide)

You will also want to view our 4 year career development plan to guide you in your decision making process. Begin researching careers, job and employment options in a variety of industries and locations using our Career Research webpage.