Faculty & Staff FAQ's

Picking satisfying careers, locating internships and summer jobs during school, and finding employment opportunities after graduation are on-going concerns of your students and advisees. The Career Services Center at 314 Maxwell can put students of all majors - freshmen as well as seniors - in touch with resources: services, programs, events, interviews, print materials, and job posting information.
Q:  What should be included in a reference letter when I am recommending a student for a position?
A: Click here to view guidelines for writing a recommendation letter.
Q:  Whom can I contact to address my class on a career related topic?
A: Call the main number- 507-457-5878 or fill out the on-line "Presentation Request Form" - Consider a career services speaker when you must miss a class because of a personal or professional commitment.
Q:  Where can I find information about jobs that graduates in our department have accepted?
A. We have 10 years of follow-up studies on file for you to look at or make copies of in our Maxwell 314 office.
Q:  What resume writing services are available to students?
A: A rough draft of a resume can be brought to Career Services for a scheduled critiquing appointment.  Students may walk-up to the Career Services Resume Cart located in Kryzsko Commons during scheduled hours. Handouts on resume writing and books on the subject are housed in the Career Services library at 314 Maxwell and on our website Resume Samples. Call 507-457-5878 to arrange a resume critique appointment
Q:  Where can my students look for part-time or summer jobs? Where can I list one available in my department?
A:  Career Services' EZlink web site lists Student2Work jobs, which include: part-time and summer as well as Student-Help and Work-Study jobs.  Positions range from jobs in child care and food service to career-related jobs in other on-campus departments. Summer internships are also listed in EZlink. The annual job/career fairs are also sources of employer networking for internships.
Q:  How do Students find out about workshops, job fairs, or other career events?
A:  The Career Services Home Page does a great job of updating students and faculty about upcoming career events. The website hosts information about both on-campus and off-campus career and job fairs, as well as other career related events.  Career Services also posts career events and workshops on its Facebook page.
Q:  How do students take part in on-campus interviews?
A:  EZlink manages the data base of jobs, internships, as well as the schedules for the on-campus interviews.  Announcements about employers coming to campus are regularly posted on the Career Services website and Facebook page.