Families FAQ's

What does Career Services do?

Career Services is dedicated to helping students better prepare for the world of work.  We help students:

Q: Is there Winona event information posted somewhere?
A: Yes, go to Visit Winona for a calendar of local events, as well as restaurant, lodging and shopping information.
Q: Is there a cost to use Career Services?
A: All of our services are free to registered WSU students and alumni.
Q:  Can you help my student choose a major?

A:  We can guide your student through the decision making process and provide suggestions for both career and self exploration.  We can also arrange for your student to take a Discover assessment that will link his or her interests, abilities and values to suitable occupations.  You can also view our career development model that provides students with a 4-step plan to choosing a major.
Q:  Is there anything I can do to help my student in choosing a major?
A:  Yes, encourage your student to visit career services, join student clubs, and participate in on-campus activities.  We also have a list of websites your student can use to research different occupations.  Most importantly, be attentive and supportive when you student expresses a major or career he or she might be interested in and brainstorm ways to help him or her learn more about it (i.e. job shadows, career websites, books, family members or friends active in the profession).
Q: My student does not qualify for work study, are there other on-campus jobs available?
A:  Yes, Winona State University also offers student help positions that are available to all students.  In these positions, students will earn a regular paycheck like they would at any other job.
Q:  How can my son or daughter find out about on-campus jobs?
A:  On campus positions are posted on our Warrior Jobs system.  Your student can obtain a username and password in Career Services at 314 Maxwell if they have not done so already.  Immediately after login, there will be a link on the main page to both work study and student help positions.
Q:  What services do you offer to help my student find a job or internship?
A:  EZlink, our online job and internship search system, allows students to not only search for jobs or internships, but to search for employers as well for information and contacts. The employers who post in EZlink are seeking out WSU students.  We also have several books in our resource library providing many state and national job and internship opportunities. And of course, we provided resume and cover letter critiques, interviewing help, and other tips on finding employment.
Q:  How can my student go about making an appointment with an advisor?
A:  Call 507-457-5878 or stop in at Career Services at 314 Maxwell and a representative will arrange an appointment for your student

Q:  How can my student connect with Career Services online?

A:  A: Career Services has a webpage that provides career development resources (print materials) and information on resumes, cover letters, interviews, jobs and internship search techniques, essay writing, and more. Career Services also regularly posts information about upcoming events and career tips on its Facebook fan page.  Students are encouraged to comment on the site!
Q: How can I support Career Services?
A:  There are several things you can do. You can sign up to be a mentor. With the guidance of an experienced professional, students can be better prepared for the workforce and can get their career off to a great start. You can also encourage your employer to post jobs or recruit at Winona State University. Click the following link for instructions on how to post a job or internship opportunity. Finally, you can support Career Services by telling us about your career. 

  • What do you do for a living? 
  • What are your responsibilities? 
  • What skills are required to be successful in your position? 
  • What are the pros and cons? 
  • What kind of training is required? 

Students struggling to choose a major and a career can benefit tremendously by obtaining in-depth information on a wide range of careers.  If you would like to share information about your career, email your responses to these questions to WSU Career Services.