Graduate Schools

Graduate Schools

Considering an advanced degree? The decision to pursue an advance degree should not be taken lightly. There are many factors to consider before applying to a particular school. Whether pursuing a doctorate degree in medicine, law, or a particular discipline; or pursuing master degree, for example, an MBA or Master of Nursing (or another discipline); it is important to understand the differences in degrees and how they will impact your career and lifestyle. It is advantageous to seek advice from pre-professional advisors, career professionals, faculty and professionals in the field before applying to schools.

Application Process

While it is important to note that each program may request its own preferred components to an application, below are the most common documents requested:

For most advanced degrees, the application process will begin in the spring of junior year; that is if you plan to matriculate the fall or summer immediately following graduation. Those interested in pursuing or considering an advanced degree, should meet with their advisor in the fall of junior year to review the required application components and application timeline for their particular discipline. Below is a list of pre-professional advisors on the WSU campus as well as addition resources to aid you in your search.


Basic Timeline
List of Pre-Professional Advisors

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