Guide for Effective Interviewing

During an interview the employer will be evaluating your abilities, skills and interests to see how well they match the position requirements. Your goal during the interview includes developing a positive rapport with the interviewer and gather details of the position and organization.  To build your confidence and strengthen your interviewing techniques try some of these approaches:

  • Mock Interview at Career Services can help you prepare
  • Dress professionally
  • Turn off your cell phone prior to entering the building
  • Arrive at the interview site 10 - 15 minutes early
  • Be polite to the receptionist
  • Avoid verbal fillers such as "um," "ah," or "like"
  • Use gestures that enhance your verbal message
  • Sit tall and lean forward slightly to show interest
  • Be detailed, yet concise with your responses
  • After the interview, send a thank you letter within 24 hours
  • When answering questions, use real life examples to back up your examples
  • Review Sample Interview Questions (PDF)
  • Address the employer with Mr./Ms./Doctor followed by their last name
  • When greeted by the employer, offer a firm handshake, maintain eye contact and smile
  • Research the organization in advance and have questions ready to ask the employer