Interview Stream: Practice Your Interviewing Skills

(Quick Start Handout)
Career Services InterviewStream is an excellent tool for anyone wanting to enhance their interviewing skills.  It is a private and free way to practice answering the most asked interview questions.  You do not need an appointment!  Just stop in to Career Services, 314 Maxwell. Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 am - 4:30 pm

No, I do not have access to a webcam:
Practice your interviewing skills from the kiosk location: Winona campus (314 Maxwell). You will be able to set-up your profile and answer up to 6 questions in 20 minutes or less. No appointment necessary!

Yes, I have access to a webcam: 
If you have your own webcam you can conduct the practice interview from home!  First select the InterviewStream login button and then follow the directions below:

1.  From the InterviewStream website select:  "Create an Account"
2.  Fill out your profile information.
3.  A confirmation email will be sent to you.
4.  From your email select "Click Here to Login"
5.  Enter your username and password
6.  Select "Get Started"
7.  Select "random questions" or choose the questions that you
would like to practice answering (Question List).
8.  Align yourself in front of the Webcam and then click BEGIN!
9.  Once your interview is completed you will receive an email with
a link to your recorded answers.  

Instructors, if you would like us to set-up a customized question set for your class please email us your request.

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