CMST 191 Test-Out Overview

The Department of Communication Studies provides undergraduate students a singular opportunity to demonstrate they already possess the knowledge, experience and skills of those set forth by the University Studies Oral Communication requirement through the Test-Out procedure.

The Test-Out option is designed for students who have had substantial public speaking and group work experience within the classroom, workplace or other established venue and, hence, feel they already possess the knowledge, skills and experience satisfying the oral communication requirement.  Similarly, the Test-Out option is an opportunity for students who have taken a course at another institution which meets some, but not all, of the CMST 191 course objectives to demonstrate their knowledge and skills, thereby waiving CMST 191 enrollment if they are successful in their Test-Out attempt.  For more information, check out the following resources:

Questions pertaining to the Test-Out procedure should be directed to:

Dr. Lisa K. Glueck
Department of Communication Studies - PAC 208
Winona State University, Winona, MN 55987
Phone: (507) 457-2266