Speech Tutoring Services

Speech tutoring is a great resource. The friendly peer tutors have taken public speaking  and are familiar with the various types of speeches used throughout the course.  They are excited to work with students and help them gain tips and tools to give effective presentations. Students don’t have to make an appointment; they can drop-in for just a quick question or they can spend longer periods of time working in depth with the tutor.

Speech tutoring can help with any part of the speech process. If students need help with figuring out how to choose a topic and lay it out, tutors can help. Tutors can also assist with formatting outlines and reference pages according to class requirements. Finally, practicing and giving a speech are also beneficial ways tutors can assist students. Having had a lot of practice giving speeches and giving constructive feedback, tutors can help prepare students before they have to give their speeches in front of a class. Speech tutoring offers many great ways to help students along the entire process of writing a speech. Come visit today!