Communication Studies - General Option (CSG) - BA Major

Can’t decide which major option you want to choose in Communication Studies? Then the General Communication Option is for you.  It allows you to tailor the courses you take to your specific career or academic goals.  If you are thinking about pursuing a graduate degree in Communication Studies, this is the option you will probably want to pursue.  

45 S.H. (Minor Required) 

This option is designed to provide students with the most choices in their major in communication studies.  Students can choose from the widest number of courses and customize the curriculum to meet their personal and professional goals.  Students who major in the General Communication Option will be expected to:
    1. Assess communication behavior;
    2. Compare and contrast diverse perspectives on communication;
    3. Analyze communicative issues in real-world scenarios;
    4. Apply communication research findings both in and out of the classroom; and
    5. Conduct semi-independent research in Communication Studies.

Required Courses (36 S.H.)

Foundations (9 S.H.) 

    CMST 281 Intercultural Communication (3 S.H.) 
    CMST 282 Introduction to Communication Studies (3 S.H.) 
    CMST 283   Introduction to Rhetorical Studies (3 S.H.) 

Core Requirements (15 S.H.)

CMST 357 Communication in Social Media (3 S.H.)
CMST 380 Communication Research Methods (3 S.H.)  
CMST 485 Senior Capstone in Communication Studies (3 S.H.) 
       Choose one of the following: 
STAT 110 Fundamentals of Statistics (3 S.H.)  
Other options:
       PSY 231    Statistics (3 S.H.) 
               ECON 222 Statistics for Business and Economics(3 S.H.)
STAT 210 Statistics (3 S.H.)  
      Choose one of the following:
ENG 210 Advanced Expository Writing (3 S.H.)
ENG 211 Writing in Communities (3 S.H.)
ENG 439 Technical Writing (3 S.H.)

Option Requirements (12 S.H.)

      Choose three of the following theory courses: 
      CMST 366 Organizational Communication (3 S.H.)  
CMST 371 Small Group Communication (3 S.H.)
CMST 381 Advanced Intercultural and International Communication (3 S.H.)
CMST 387 Interpersonal Communication (3 S.H.) 
CMST 375 Argumentation OR CMST 389 Persuasion and Advocacy (3 S.H.) 
      Choose one of the following: 
   CMST 451 Topics in Communication Studies (3 S.H.) OR
     CMST 452 Topics in Public Communication (3 S.H.)

Electives (9 S.H.) 

Choose three additional CMST courses, excluding CMST 191 - Introduction to Public Speaking or CMST 192 - Introduction to Speech Communication.  At least one course must be at the 300- or 400-level.  CMST 451 - Topics in Communication Studies and/or 452 - Topics in Public Communication may be used more than once provided they cover different topics.  Only three credits of CMST 399 can be used toward this requirement.  Courses not used for the Option Requirements may be used to meet this requirement.