Communication Studies (CS) - BA Minor

21 S.H. 

The General Communication minor allows you to customize your program of study.  After taking core classes in communication studies and rhetorical studies, you may focus your programs as you choose.  If you are particularly interested in relational and organizational communication, you could focus your studies in that area.  If you are interested in persuasive processes, you could study persuasion, rhetoric, and argumentation.

Required Courses (15 S.H.)

Foundations (6 S.H.)

    CMST 282 - Introduction to Communication Studies (3 S.H.)

    CMST 283 - Introduction to Rhetorical Studies (3 S.H.)

Diversity (3 S.H.)

Choose one of the following:

    CMST 281 - Intercultural Communication (3 S.H.)

    CMST 289 - Gender and Communication (3 S.H.)

    CMST 290 - Disability Communication and Culture (3 S.H.)

    CMST 291 - Topics in Multicultural Communication (3 S.H.)

    CMST 292 - Multicultural U.S. Rhetoric (3 S.H.)

Theories (6 S.H.)

 Choose two of the following:

    CMST 366 - Organizational Communication (3 S.H.)

    CMST 371 - Small Group Communication (3 S.H.)

    CMST 375 - Argumentation (3 S.H.)

    CMST 387 - Interpersonal Communication (3 S.H.)

    CMST 389 - Persuasion and Advocacy (3 S.H.)

Electives (6 S.H.)

Choose two additional CMST courses, excluding CMST 191 - Introduction to Public Speaking and CMST 192 - Introduction to Speech Communication. At least one courses must be at the 300- or 400-level. CMST 451 - Topics in Communication Studies and/ or CMST 452 - Topics in Public Communication can be used more than once provided they cover different topics. Foundations/theories courses not used for the foundations and/or theories requirement as listed above may be used to meet the elective requirement.