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Graduation Requirements

Students declaring a major or minor in CMST should anticipate a minimum of four academic semesters (not including summer sessions) to complete CMST courses in sequence. Students majoring in communication studies must earn a minimum GPA of 2.50 in their major; no grade below a “C” is accepted. These standards apply to both CMST courses and courses taken through other departments to fulfill CMST major requirements.  

General Education Program Intensive Requirements

Students may use intensive courses to satisfy both General Education Program and major requirements. Intensive courses will usually be in the student's major or minor program. The Department of Communication Studies offers the following intensive courses in the General Education Program:  

  Critical Analysis [M]

    • CMST 380 Communication Research Methods (3)

  Writing [W]

    • CMST 366 Organizational Communication (3)
    • CMST 389 Persuasive Communication (3)
    • CMST 485 Senior Seminar in Communication Theory (3)

  Oral [O]

    • CMST375 Argumentation (3)
    • CMST385 Health Communication (3)
    • CMST 451 Topics in Communication Studies (3)
    • CMST 452 Topics in Public Communication (3)

Pass/No credit Courses

Except for CMST 399 (Internship), CMST majors and minors must take all courses in their major, minor, options, concentrations and licensures on a grade-only basis. The P/NC option is available to non-majors except for CMST 191 and CMST 499. Courses offered on a pass/no credit only or grade only basis are so designated in the course descriptions.