Self-Help Links

A vast amount of information about mental health related issues is available through the internet.  Links are provided for the following list of topics.  While attempts were made to select only high quality sites, please keep in mind these sites are not maintained by WSU Counseling Services, and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of all information.  This information is intended to educate and inform students, not to replace a need for personal counseling.  Please call 507.457.5330 for information about accessing one of our professional staff.  

These first few sites are a good place to start for they contain some of the best available Internet resources on a wide variety of mental health and college-age topics.

  1. Half of Us - A joint project between mtvU and the Jed Foundation offers videos and information about a variety of college mental health concerns  
  2. ULifeline - An anonymous on-line resource center designed for college students  
  3. Student Counseling Virtual Pamphlets
  4. American Psychological Association  
  5. University of Texas    
  6. Student Health Wellzine    
  1. Better Self-Esteem  



  1. Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network: What should you do if you’re Sexually Assaulted?  
  2. MN Center Against Violence and Abuse  
  3. WSU Support & Resources for Sexual Violence Victims  

Local resources include:  

  • Winona Health ER  507.457.4328
  • WSU Counseling Services, Integrated Wellness Complex 222, 507.457.5330
  • WSU Health Services, Integrated Wellness Complex 222, 507.457.5160
  • SEMCAC, 76 West 3rd, Winona, 507.452.4307
  • Winona County Attorney’s Office 507.457.6595
  • WSU Security 507.457.5555
  • Women’s Resource Center, Winona,  507.452.4440
  • Gunderson Lutheran Crime Victims Services      1.800.362.9567 ext. 5557

If you are feeling suicidal: Go to the ER at Winona Community Hospital at 855 Mankato Ave or call:
    Police: 9-1-1
    Emergency Room (Memorial Hospital): 507.457.4328  
    Great Rivers 24-hour Crisis Hotline: 1.800.362.8255   

  1. The Jed Foundation, a nonprofit organization addressing issues related to mental health and suicide in the college population   
  2. What to Do When a Friend is Feeling Suicidal
  3. Suicide Awareness/Voices of Education  
  4. What Can I Do to Help Someone Who May Be Suicidal?