Winona State education students work on their laptops during class.

Cohort Experience

We invite you to learn about students’ experiences with Teach21, in their own words:
“We are a family. Everyone knows each other.”
“We get more personal attention from our teachers.”
“In a cohort group, I am more comfortable asking for help from my peers.”
“We are able to learn more about the teaching skills that will help us become great teachers.”
“I appreciate not only the experience in the field, but also the opportunity to help in the community at the YMCA after school program."

In 2010, the first teach21 Cohort was established on the Winona campus.  This group of students started their Freshman year as part of a cohort.  They took coursework together, participated in early field experience, experienced coursework that was more integrated and thematic, and met weekly with mentors.  In 2011, the next two teach21 Cohorts were established.  The first is a group of thirty freshmen on the Winona campus, and the second is a group of twenty-four juniors on the Rochester campus.  Both groups are benefiting from clinical experiences and support from committed faculty, master teachers, and welcoming peers.

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