Center for Education Innovations

The Center for Education Innovations was established and functions to enhance the preparation of WSU College of Education teacher candidates and other education professionals by monitoring and programmatically integrating national, regional, and local research based leading edge elements necessary for highly effective preparation to ensure the success of its candidates.

Center for Education Innovations Goals:

  1. Facilitate the awarding of grants that meet the criteria established for Teach21 grants and measure the effectiveness of those projects that are funded by Teach21 grants
  2. Assist in and contribute to the Milestones Reviews, Milestones Visits and periodic visits from the Bush Foundation Coaches
  3. Foster the development of the new WSU Education Village concept on the Winona Campus
  4. Be aware of, informed of, and share cutting-edge research in Education and Education Delivery

Clients & Stakeholders:

Primary Clients: Teacher candidates and other education professionals who must be prepared to meet the needs of B-12 learners and community members, as well as the increasing demands of B-12 school districts and communities.

Secondary Clients: B-12 learners; community members.

Stakeholders: B-12 Program and District representatives, communities in which candidates teach or engage in their professional practice, and the university in which the candidates were prepared.

What is Wanted and Needed: Research based programmatic innovations designed to prepare highly effective teacher candidates and education professionals.


Contact Us

Carrie Brouse, PhD
Center Co-Director
Gildemeister 112 (Winona) and EA 214 (Rochester)
507.457.2447 (Winona) and 507.285.7584 (Rochester)

Bruce Ramsdell
Center Co-Director
Gildemeister 113