High Demand Areas

High Demand Areas are those licensure areas that are in high demand.  In other words, because there are less people entering these areas of teaching, there are fewer job applicants.  The Winona State University licensure areas that are currently in the highest demand in Minnesota are Chemistry, English as a Second Language (ESL), Mathematics, Middle Level Science (grades 5-8), Physics, Spanish, and Special Education. Other areas that have been considered to be in high demand in the past include Business Education, Life Science, and Earth Science.

If you choose to enter one of the above listed areas, you might want to consider applying for the TEACH grant (pdf) and the federal loan forgiveness program.  These are federal programs that WSU participates in.  For more information, you can also visit the US Department of Education web site.

If you are interested in a licensure area (like Elementary Education, for example) that is not one of the high demand areas, there are still ways to make yourself more marketable.  Here are a few ideas:

Add a Mathematics or Science Middle Level endorsement to your licensure area.

Add a Spanish major or minor.

Add a Special Education major.

Add a English as a Second Language licensure area.

Consider participating in a travel study program while at WSU.