MTLE (Minnesota Teacher Licensure Exams)

Taking all three MTLE Basic Skills Tests (Math, Reading, and Writing) and passing at least two of the three exams is one of the requirements for admission into the Teacher Education Unit. In September 2010, the Minnesota Teacher Licensure Examinations (MTLE) became the statewide uniform means of assessing the basic skills, pedagogical, and subject-area knowledge of Minnesota K-12 teacher candidates.  All candidates for an initial license are required to pass the basic skills tests as well as pedagogy and content area tests.

We understand that you may have many questions about these tests.  Here are some resources for you:
MTLE web site
WSU MN MTLE & WI Praxis Chart (pdf)
MTLE FAQs (pdf)
MTLE Preparation - Suggested Resources (pdf)

There is a considerable amount of cost involved in taking the MTLE Tests.  So, study hard ahead of time so that you are prepared for each test.  Some students have said that the expanded study guide available through the MTLE web site is helpful for the Basic Skills tests.  Others have shared that it helps to not take all of the Basic Skills tests on one day.  In order to take the tests on three separate days, you have to register for them separately.  The cost is as follows:
Test Registration Fee: $50 each year.  The year runs from 9/1 - 8/31
Basic Skills: Math $25, Reading $25, and Writing $25

Here are a few other resources that will help with preparation for the MTLE Basic Skills exams:
General Information (pdf)
Basic Skills Mathematics (pdf)
Basic Skills Reading (pdf)
Basic Skills Writing (pdf)
Tutoring for MTLE Basic Skills Math (pdf)  This on-line tutoring option comes highly recommended by many students who have used it to help them pass the Math Basic Skills MTLE exams.  In fact, WSU graduate John Schulz emphatically stated, "The ALEKS prep course was absolutely instrumental in me passing!"

Another wonderful resource that we have made available to our prospective and current students is an MTLE Basic Skills On-line Preparation Course and Practice Tests.  This site license was purchased by the College of Education through Longsdale publishing, so it is available at no cost to you.  Contact Karen Dunbar at  for instructions on how to access it.  This resource is very helpful and easy to use! 

Pedagogy and Content Area tests are also required.  These tests vary in cost and are generally taken the semester before student teaching.

If you do not pass a test the first time, you are allowed to retake the test.  You will have to register and pay for it again.  You will also need to wait 40 days in between tests.  So, if you take the test on June 1st, you could retake any time on or after July 11th.