Early Childhood student with a pupil at the Children's Center.

Scholarships and Grants

There are many scholarships and grants available to students who choose teaching as a career path.  The TEACH Grant is one such opportunity.  Students planning to teach in a high-need field can take advantage of this grant to service program that provides grants up to $4,000 per year to students who intend to teach in a public or private school serving students from low-income families.  Another opportunity is the "Teachers from Diverse Backgrounds" Scholarship program.  Scholarship recipients receive a total award of up to $4,000.  In addition to these opportunities, there are many other scholarships that students can apply to after they are admitted to the Teacher Education program of their choice.

Teachers from Diverse Backgrounds Scholarship (pdf)
Loan Forgiveness Program for Teachers
For more information, contact the WSU Financial Aid Office