Why Teach?

A career in the education profession is not only challenging but also exciting and rewarding.  Educators enjoy countless benefits:

  • Educators make a difference in the lives of students every day.  No matter what subject you choose to teach, every day presents a new opportunity to impact a student's life, contribute to their individual growth, and give them hope for the future.
  • Educators can also have a global impact. 
  • Educators are lifelong learners.  Not only are they able to explore and discover new topics and instructional tools on a regular basis, but they also develop in-depth collaboration and communication skills through regular interactions with students, parents, and colleagues.
  • Educators enjoy a level of autonomy in the classroom.  You can create plans and find ways of teaching that work for you and your students.  Teaching is not a cookie-cutter job, but rather an opportunity to be creative and explore different options.
  • Educators enjoy a competitive salary and benefit package.  There are also a wide variety of employment opportunities for teachers who graduate from WSU.
  • Educators typically enjoy some time away from work in the summer months.  This schedule is conducive to spending time with family, pursuing other interests, and taking graduate coursework.
  • There are a number of opportunities for educators who would like to pursue other roles within this profession after serving as a classroom teacher.  A few options are to work as school counselors, principals, superintendents, or college professors.