We understand that you might have a lot of questions. Here is some information to help you. As always if you still have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Getting into the Teacher Education programs is quite competitive.  It is important to not only meet but attempt to exceed the Admission Criteria.

Teacher Education Admission is competitive.  So, you are not guaranteed a spot just because you have met the minimum criteria.  The scoring grid (PDF) shows you how you are able to earn extra points and be more likely to get into the Teacher Education Program of your choice.

MTLE is short for Minnesota Teacher Licensure Examinations.  The MTLEs include Basic Skills (Math, Reading, and Writing) that need to be passed by all students, Pedagogy, and Content. The Basic Skills tests need to be passed before applying to a Teacher Education program.  The Pedagogy and Content tests are taken later.

There are a number of expenses that are involved above and beyond WSU tuition.  These expenses include but are not limited to the MTLEs, background checks, liability insurance, task stream, and licensure.  The cost is about $700.  Refer to the Expense Table for detailed information.

All WSU students must first apply for and obtain a Minnesota license.  The reason for this is because Minnesota is the state where your university is located, so it is the Minnesota Board of Teaching that has approved your program of study.  Then, you can find out how to obtain a license in another state by visiting their web site and/or contacting the Board of Teaching in that state.