WSU Recreation Leadership graduate students hiking in the Krueger Woods.

Recreation Leadership

Recreation Leadership is for graduates of RTTR or for anyone interested in the educational potential of outdoor recreation and tourism.

The entire field of tourism and outdoor recreation has grown very rapidly. People are interested in the environment, history of our natural wonders, participating in new physical endeavors and just plain enjoying the great out-of-doors. With this interest comes the need for training, facilitating, organizing and planning trips as well as developing a curriculum and monitoring the actual events. Students prepare for leading such activities with a focus on environmental awareness, team building, social connections and personal growth.

In cooperation with the Recreation, Tourism and Therapeutic the Recreation (RTTR) Department, their graduate certificate in Recreation Leadership can be combined with the five core courses in Leadership Education for the Master’s Degree. Graduates work in K-12 schools supporting student learning and health and the rapidly growing fields of adventure tourism and team building in organizations.

A certificate in Recreation Leadership is also available through the RTTR Department.

The Recreation Leadership program consists of 33 credits in a combination of core Leadership Education courses and courses specific to the Recreation Leadership emphasis. A capstone writing project and a comprehensive examination are also required for a master’s in Leadership Education. 

Leadership Education Core Courses (15 S.H.)

LDRS 612 - Systems Thinking (3 S.H.)
LDRS 614 - Change Leadership (3 S.H.)
LDRS 615 - Communication (3 S.H.)
LDRS 616 - Common Good (3 S.H.)
LDRS 618 - Scholarship (3 S.H.)

A detailed description of the required courses and additional information about the Recreation Leadership emphasis can be found in the course catalog.