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Teacher and School Leadership

The Teacher and School Leadership emphasis is designed for teachers and professional staff in birth-12 schools who want to develop their leadership capacities as productive change agents and supporters of school-wide initiatives through the promotion of continuous improvement strategies and effective administrative practices. The growing demand for middle management in schools requires professionals who understand the classroom and want to assist their colleagues and advance specific programs. 

Professionals who enter this program are the leaders and future leaders of our schools. They come to this program from positions as teachers, school and district staff, and from positions in other state and private organizations committed to improving education and are distinguished from other educators, in part, by their willingness to take a more active role in the decision-making processes that occur at their schools.

Graduates provide leadership in their school building or program. Often this means they become:

  • Lead Teachers
  • Team leader
  • Curriculum developers
  • Department chairperson
  • New teacher mentor
  • Special project leader
  • Administrative assistant
  • Dean of students 

Required Coursework

The Teacher and School Leadership program consists of 33 credits in a combination of core Education Leadership courses and courses specific to the Teacher and School Leadership emphasis. A capstone writing project and a comprehensive examination are also required for a master’s in Education Leadership. 

Education Leadership Cores courses (15 S.H.)

EL 612 - Systems Thinking (3 S.H.)
EL 614 - Change Leadership (3 S.H.)
EL 615 - Communication (3 S.H.)
EL 616 - Common Good (3 S.H.)
EL 618 - Scholarship (3 S.H.)

A detailed description of the courses and additional information about the Teacher & Leadership emphasis can be found in the course catalog.

Application for Admission to Candidacy (M.S.)

Students must submit the Application for Admission to Candidacy (PDF) to the graduate office before completing 16 graduate credits. This form is a student’s program plan and is to be completed in conjunction with his or her advisor