Be Inspired & Learn English

At the English Language Center

Watch and learn what it means to learn English while living in Winona, MN and at Winona State University's English Learning Center. 


The English Language Center (ELC) provides English language training to international students who wish to satisfy the English Language requirement for admission to Winona State University and/or to improve their English language skills while experiencing American culture.  The center provides an intensive English program that offers up to five levels of English instruction to build the skills necessary for academic success and career advancement.

The ELC serves the following types of students:

  • Prospective undergraduate students with no TOEFL score or with a score that is below the admission requirement for colleges and universities in the United States
  • International students who are seeking conditional admission to Winona State University
  • Students who are admitted to a college or a university in the United States but wish to further improve their English language abilities
  • Students who wish to develop their English language abilities for professional purposes.
  • Domestic students whose first languages are not English

Dedicated to Your Success

Our program’s mission is to strengthen a student’s English language skills through learning opportunities and shared cultural experiences. Our qualified and dedicated staff, instructors, tutors, and dynamic curriculum will help students rapidly improve their English language skills, so that they can start their college undergraduate or graduate study at Winona State University.

Why Choose the English Language Center?

  • Conditional admission to Winona State University
  • Small class size and one-on-one tutoring
  • Outstanding and friendly faculty and staff
  • State-of-the-art technology that supports English language learning
  • Friendly and culturally-rich community
  • Excellent undergraduate and graduate programs in a wide variety of disciplines
  • Beautiful and safe campus